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>Technical plant projects

Technical plant projects 
The planning of all technical plants present in the industrial, tertiary and civil sectors are designed by our engineers according to our clients specifications, that are based on the most efficient solution to the specific request.
In particular, we deal with:          
  • Transformer cabinets MT/BT
  • Electrical plants MT and BT     
  • Data transmission plants   
  • Video surveillance and security plants
  • Gas pressure reduction cabinets
  • Flammables gas plants and technical distribution
  • Fluid raising and pumping centres
  • Fluid transport plants
  • Compressed air production centre
  • Compressed air distribution plants LP and HP
  • Heat production plants
  • Air conditioning plants,  single or unit control
  • Transportation plants for normal, abrasive etc. dusts.
The activities of the company include, by specific request, the choice of material, cheap adequacy test, direction of works, certificate of compliance at the offer of the execution of works etc.