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X-Tech, along with five of the major local industrial companies, has created a laboratory for the research into advanced materials.
S.A.I.T. realizes accessory plants technologically evolved for the industry, such as test plants to sanitary plant and materials tracking with barcode or Rfid etc. Furthermore, it deals in distribution of automation and wear component for specific use.
N.E.B. S.r.l. – New Energy Building
NEB deals with the design and construction of buildings and facilities in an integrated manner, in the civil, commercial and industrial sectors.
To see the entire project, especially if it concerns a company, or an installation with heavy energy consumption, resulting in an end to wastefulness.
“Si costruisce una sola volta, mentre i consumi avvengono tutti i giorni per l’intera vita dell’impianto”. (It is built only once, while energy consumption takes place every day for the entire life of the plant)
N.E.B. S.r.l. deals in energy efficiency.
C.I.I. S.r.l. – Costruzioni e Ingegneria Integrate
C.I.I. realizes construction and engineering projects in the logic of the general contractor to ensure the customer lead times and well-defined construction costs.
Tecnoeco EcologiaDesigns and manufactures civil and industrial purification plants, water treatment plants and swimming pool filtration plants.