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Gruppo Nexus Srl is an engineering specialist on industrial plant projects and was founded in 1999. It was originally called BIEFFEGI and in 2003 changed its name to Gruppo Nexus S.r.l..
The two founders, engineers Bartolo Giannone and Stefano Ferrelli, boast twenty years of experience.
The operation areas of Gruppo Nexus S.r.l. are:
Technical plant projects: 
The planning of all technical plants present in the industrial, tertiary and civil sectors are designed by our engineers according to our clients specifications, that are based on the most efficient solution to the specific request.
In particular, we deal with:     
  • Transformer cabinets MT/BT
  • Electrical plants MT and BT     
  • Data transmission plants   
  • Video surveillance and security plants
  • Gas pressure reduction cabinets
  • Flammables gas plants and technical distribution
  • Fluid raising and pumping centres
  • Fluid transport plants
  • Compressed air production centre
  • Compressed air distribution plants LP and HP
  • Heat production plants
  • Air conditioning plants,  single or unit control
  • Transportation plants for normal, abrasive etc. dusts.
The activities of the company include, by specific request, the choice of material, cheap adequacy test, direction of works, certificate of compliance at the offer of the execution of works etc.
o    Methane gas decompression cabinets
o    Compressed air generation and distribution plants
o    Electric plant with cabinet MT/BT
o    Technological  customized plants
o    Primary water  purification and distribution plants
o    First rainwater purification plants 
o    Fire systems
o    Heating plants
o    Ventilation and air changing plants
Planning of renewable energy plants
Over the years, a great depth of experience has been achieved in the construction of conventional and specialized photovoltaic plants, experimental bio-fuel plants with the collaboration of universities. Among others, we are able to design wind energy plants, geothermal plants, cogeneration and regeneration plants and ORC.
We are able to suggest the best or the most innovative materials along with the best professionals in the various sectors. In addition, we can optimise the obtaining of subsidies connected with plants that uses renewable energy.
We design plants for civil, tertiary, industrial and road illumination, using avant-garde technologies and systems of centralized or distributed supply.
We offer authorization assistance necessary for the correct installation of various plant and other technical consultations that have useful results.
Planning industrial plants
The engineers that founded this company, over the years, have designed a lot of industrials plant (for the production of ceramic materials, mineral water bottling, electro-weld netting construction etc.) acquiring a remarkable amount of experience in general projects, various service plant planning and mechanical and electrical planning of special machinery, based on various clients specific requirements.
Factory planning (keys in hand) poses all types of problems, from technical and economic estimates, to feasibility, accommodation, the choice of necessary buildings, simulation cycles, choice of machinery, semi-finished and raw material evaluation etc. All of this inserted in the environment in which it will be installed (from Egypt to Russia and from Portugal to China). In addition, we were engaged with the systems test of product and of tracking definition systems of product by means of barcode or Rfid.
Planning special machinery 
Using the competence present in the company, we design special machinery and plants on request, starting at the draft stage and finishing to the operational stage, helping the production workshop in the construction. We also supply assistance with the writing of manuals and compliance declarations. In addition, we supply the electrical plant and program to PLC, relative to the machinery in the project. We help to find the most economic and best components.
We supply assistance to evaluate the danger areas of the machinery and the planning of the correlated safety systems.
Quality, Environmental and Safety 
Also in this sector, the company is proud of a long and successful understanding in the various sectors of quality assurance, environmental and workplace safety, in their broadest meaning. Our efficient staff can support the client in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of management system compliance to the international standard (ISO 9001- ISO 14001- OHSAS 18001 etc.).
The consultation is completed with the auditing of management and legislative systems.
This is accompanied by the design capacity of all major facilities involved in the containment of the environmental impact, the improvement of workplace safety and quality standards (e.g. purification plant, emission abatement, traceability, testing, safety systems on machine boards etc.) .
Planning purification plants
We design physical chemical purification plants for the various types of wastewater, total oxidation or phyto-purification plants etc.
The activities of the company also include the planning phase and the supervision of the construction phase of the purification plant for the industrial and drinking water (arsenic removal process, heavy metals elimination, inverse osmosis and civil and industrial desalination plant).
Gruppo Nexus S.r.l. participate with diverse corporate companies:
  N.E.B. S.r.l. – New Energy Building
NEB deals with the design and construction of buildings and facilities in an integrated manner, in the civil, commercial and industrial sectors.
To see the entire project, especially if it concerns a company, or an installation with heavy energy consumption, resulting in an end to wastefulness.
“Si costruisce una sola volta, mentre i consumi avvengono tutti i giorni per l’intera vita dell’impianto”. (It is built only once, while energy consumption takes place every day for the entire life of the plant)
N.E.B. S.r.l. deals in energy efficiency.
C.I.I. S.r.l. – Costruzioni e Ingegneria Integrate
C.I.I. realizes construction and engineering projects in the logic of the general contractor to ensure the customer lead times and well-defined construction costs.
S.A.I.T. S.r.l. 
S.A.I.T. realizes accessory plants technologically evolved for the industry, such as test plants to sanitary plant and materials tracking with barcode or Rfid etc. Furthermore, it deals in distribution of automation and wear component for specific use.